New Notices of value in 2014

Thanks to Gus in the Santa Fe County Assessor’s office for sharing the format of the new notices of value that should be standard in most counties in NM starting in 2014.

The major change is that these new notices of value now show your prior year valuation next to the current year, which allows the property owner to quickly identify an increase in property taxes due to value change.

A sample form can be found here.


The Santa Fe paper, the New Mexican, has reported this is part of a change in the law.

New Sim City coming

Although this might seem like a shameless plug for my brother Scott who is a programmer at Maxis working on the new Sim City game, I wanted to share that its an amazing piece of virtual real estate.

The Urban Land Institute recently featured the game in its magazine – the article can be found here.

My kiddos and I were fortunate enough to try a beta, and I’ve got to admit the realism is amazing and the game play is addictive.

Pre-orders are being taken for a March 2013 release date for $59 for Mac or PC.