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Candid advertising

Todd Clarke @ November 9, 2010 # Comments Off on Candid advertising

In case you can’t read it – it says “your art might suck, but your studio doesn’t have to”. Advertising live/work/walk studios adjacent to the main square in Taos, the Central Station Taos wins our award this month for being brutally frank.

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Multifamily Financing Update – A roller coast ride!

admin @ December 19, 2008 # Comments Off on Multifamily Financing Update – A roller coast ride!

I’d like to thank Jamie Dick for allowing me to reprint this fabulous overview of the current capital markets and their impact on multifamily.   The roller coaster that is the 10-year Treasury has continued to be a wild ride with today’s rate closing at an astounding 2.60%!!!  A quick review of the attached chart […]

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Federal Reserve for Sale?

admin @ December 13, 2008 # Comments Off on Federal Reserve for Sale?

Government Garage Sale I was recently in Kansas City, driving their downtown when I came across the beautiful Federal Reserve Building.  Imagine my shock when I saw these signs… Keep in mind, this was just about the time some banks were starting to fail, and that the Federal Reserve chairman was requesting funds for a […]

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