Do you procrastinate?

It’s true, many of us suffer from this disease- it is amazing – as a deadline approaches, so many of us end up giving the dog a bath, cleaning the house, filing paperwork, just about anything to keep us from focusing on the work at hand.

My wife, Kahleetah, and I think Sponge Bob typifies how many of us deal with a major assignment.

The solution? I found this article on steps to overcome procrastination at .

So what do you do to overcome procrastination? I welcome any thoughts you have for a cure…


Does this look familiar?

Wired Magazine has an article on the upcoming Terminator moved which has been filming in Albuquerque during the last year.

As New Mexico continues to beef up its filming resume, I remain amazed at how many buildings I recognize in various movies. Take this photo for example:


Although the photo shows a post apocalyptic scene of destruction (remember Terminator is the movie where the robots take over the earth and hunt down the humans), most Albuquerqean’s would know this building as the old rail yard (also featured in the Transformers movie).

Another example of how the media doesn’t understand how real estate works…

In a story created by the Daily News (yes created, not reported), the Daily News “stole” the Empire State buidling by filing fraudulent deeds on the property transferring ownership to themselves.

The story then goes on to report, that once ownership is obtained, its easy for the new owner to obtain a mortgage.

While I am not sure of the real estate laws in New York, in most states in the country, doing what the Daily news did would be considered a slander of title…but hardly a transfer.

The story goes on to report that the office of the city register doesn’t bother to verify deeds prior to filing.

Ok, so Daily News, here is your Real Estate 101 lesson. By filing a document (any document including a deed), you are “noticing” the public about your interest in the property. Any investor/buyer who purchased the property, would obtain a property title report from a title conmpany would insure against bogus claims of ownership.