Course: Understanding NM’s Property Tax System

Did you know at one time in NM’s history, your political affiliation impacted the amount of your property tax bill? Are you confused by Tax Lightening? Uncertain as to what surprises next year’s property tax bill will hold? Do you want to understand why it is “fair” for two similar properties to have different assessed values? Confused by the media news and the latest legislation? Need the straight scoop on the property tax law? Then plan to attend this course!

Learn how:
– To build a credible case for protesting your property’s tax value
– To calculate your property tax bill
– What you should provide and what you shouldn’t
– How the assessors in each county approach value
– The basis of the property tax law and how it impacts your tax bill
– How to conduct your negotiations at informal and formal hearings
– Includes a review of the latest legislative laws/updates
– Includes Fifth edition book “Understanding NM’s Property Tax system” a $50 value.
– Book includes case study and mock informal and formal hearings
– You will leave this course with the tools you need to file a protest

This course has been utilized by owners of property to lower their values as well as real estate professionals looking to understand the process and offer additional services to their clients. The course includes the 5th Edition, 360 page book titled “Understanding NM’s Property Tax System”, a $50 value, free of charge (PDF version is free, printed version is $50). This must-have text book includes sample case studies, and cites state statutes that are important to know for any settlement or formal hearing. (if you don’t need the CE and want the textbook – it can be ordered here:

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